My resume includes over 30 years marketing and promotion experience on both the agency side and client side with Procter & Gamble, Clorox, Dole and Constellation Wines, US.

“I love it when a company’s name says precisely what it does. We bring brands together for win/win promotional partnerships. It’s that simple.”

- Jeff Muller, President and Founder

We bring quality brands together

Symbiotic Promotions is in the business of bringing quality products together behind strong promotional concepts for mutually advantageous partnerships.

We begin each partnering assignment by thoroughly understanding your brand…your history, your positioning, your customer, the category in which you compete and, of course, your short and long-term promotional objectives.  Once we have a firm handle on the nuances of your brand, we can then start the process of identifying the most desirable and compatible promotional partners.

It’s been said that “one is as good as the company one keeps” and we at Symbiotic Promotions whole-heartedly agree.  Because the products you team with are a reflection of your own high standards, we go to great lengths to ensure the partners we target have great brand equity, high consumer recognition and category leadership.  When it comes to promotional partnering, “Win/Win” is the bottom line!

We work with you to develop great ideas

Partners come in many shapes and sizes and no idea is off limits to Symbiotic Promotions.  From in-store to on-line, pretzels to Pinot Noir, we are dedicated to forging unique partnerships that raise the promotional bar…and your overall sales and profits!

Working with us is risk-free as we don’t get paid unless we bring two great partners together.  As such, we have no up-front fees or retainers.  To say the least, this business model motivates us to perform at a very high level!

We are detail-oriented, highly organized professionals and we make working with us turnkey.  Once we’ve agreed on optimal partner candidates we handle all details from pitches to contracts to art approvals.  Our goal is to make the process as streamlined as possible for you.

“No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come.”  — Victor Hugo

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Time is the biggest asset in the promotional partnering business and, generally, the more lead-time we have the better the results….so let’s get started today!

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